A child discovers the joy of sharing his musical ideas. If you want that music & movement become important parts of your Music School teaching or you’re looking for the creativity and energy to be the best teacher you can be, our AME Music Teacher Training will guide you to teach from a playful Orff approach, to become a master early childhood music teacher. Who should attend? Classroom teachers, music teachers, dance teachers, Daycare teachers, music students who plan to teach younger students.

This 5 day training event covers different aspects of a child’s early musical development. Teachers will participate in activities and watch also the students performing musical activities.


9-11 am: Elementary Music Pedagogic

11-12 am: Voice training for Children

2-4 pm: The use of dancing and movement in early childhood music education

Evening: Scenic night walk through the winterly snow covered forrest with sledge. Welcome celebration with regional food and regional folk mu- sic on traditional Austrian instruments at local scenic traditional austrian cabin in the forest. Fun filled Downhill with sledge.

9-11 am: Elementary Music Pedagogic

11-12 am: Voice training for children

1.30-4 pm: Cross-country skiing course in Gosau Part 1

5-7 pm: Piano: Improvisation in classical music, Music School Bad Goisern

9 - 11 am: Sound and Painting - a special program for a new interdisciplinary music experience and learning for children

1.30-4 pm: Cross-country skiing course in Gosau Part 2

5-7 pm: Piano: Pedagogic concepts for teaching piano in group lessons for children

Evening: Visiting the Hot Spring Spa in Bad Ischl

9-11 am: Practical experiences with early childhood education programs Interact with local austrian children and use your new developed skills!

11.30- 2.30pm: Drive to Hallstatt, Lunch and cultural excursion through Hallstatt

3-5 pm: Experience the music teaching at the Federal Upper Austrian Music. School Bad Goisern, visit of different classes and instrumental lessons.

5-7 pm: Piano: How to compose with young children and beginners

Evening: Farwell celebration: Curling and Hot Tea

9-11 am: Piano: How to teach classical music with its cultural background

11.30-1.30 pm: Elementary Music Pedagogic Diploma Ceremony