Great Composers Workshop Series


  • Brief introduction to Mozart´s childhood and his travels as a prodigy
  • Learning through fun, exciting and modern media-based games
  • We learn how to dance a minuet as in Mozart's time through an exciting introductory workshop
  • Try out the original dresses from Mozart's time
  • Composing a small dance for piano in Mozart´s style
  • Perform handicraft works and painting figures of the Opera Magic Flute
  • Learn about famous compositions of his life, especially the Magic Flute
  • Performance of well-known piano works from Mozart
  • Every student will get an Austrian diploma


    The AME workshops will mobilize the child's open receptive and enthusiastic capacity for valuable music and art. Mozart is the composer who makes the access of children to classical music the easiest and most lasting. In this workshop the child-friendly combination of music, singing, dance, new media experience, modern computer games, movement, creative crafting and painting contribute to illustrating Mozart's life and his music. The students will get a deep understanding of the social life and different arts of the epoch of classical music.

    • For Students from age 8 up to age 13
    • Recommended audience: from 15 -30 participants
    • Duration: 3 Hours


    • A tuned grand piano
    • Projector with screen and sound system
    • Space for dancing and playing games inside the room
    • Enough coloring pencils for all students

    We will send colored handouts to the organizer to print it for the students beforehand.
    The organizer will get materials such as handouts and templates for advertising from AME.