The AME-Masterclasses are located amidst the gorgeous mountains and lake regions of the Salzkammergut, about 60 km away from the festival city Salzburg. In 1998 this region was commended as UNESCO Heritage site, not only for its unique natural landscape but also for its manifold cultural tradition. Since the beginning of time the romantic scenery of the Salzkammergut especially appeals to artists.

Since the nineteenth century this region emerged as a very popular meeting point for world famous painters, musicians, actors and composers. Johannes Brahms, Anton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schönberg, Johann Strauss and Franz Lehar used their summer stays as inspiration for their world famous compositions and as new stimuli for epochal artistic progresses.

This unique constellation of nature, culture and tradition has been the appeal for the foundation of the “International Masterclasses” of our music school in Bad Goisern.


Acknowledged professors and prominent musicians work with students and teachers from all over the world.

The Austrian tradition of music which is very pronounced in our region serves as a source of inspiration for unfolding an individual interpretation style and also for new creative ideas. The Salzkammergut's appealing landscapes provides us with the ambience to take along not just artistic skills, but also eventful memories.

Intercultural Exchange

Intercultural music teaching as an aspect should teach young people respect and tolerance when approaching other cultures. Apart from that, it should evoke curiosity and thus add new aspects of the originally unfamiliar to the personal understanding of life. By emphasizing the close connections between artistic ways of expression and ways of living an idea of the fascination of very old music but also very new music may be imparted in music teaching.

The Professors in our “International Masterclass” are musicians from world famous orchestras like Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Symphonic, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, North German Radio Orchestra and from the important music Universities of Vienna, Graz, Salzburg (Mozarteum) and Munich. They are used to teach students with different age and level in individual ways.