A curriculum like no other - a whole new concept in experiencing music and cultural awareness.

Austria has a great and worldwide known cultural and musical tradition. Well known composers have emerged, which affected European music history in multifarious ways. Austria, which is often called the “Land of Music”, has many famous festivals and magnificent historic places which can give you the inspiration for the interpretation and understanding of its music. Many Austrian landscapes are so scenic, that you can feel every single tune! 

We invite students and music lovers to take the opportunity to receive experience and knowledge about European music and culture by showing passion at a personal performance in our Austrian Music Education and get a world-class education and exam qualification accredited by the Federal Upper Austrian Music School.


AME-Student Camps & Masterclasses in Austria


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The Federal Upper Austrian Music School - Headquarter of the Austrian Music Education

Our music school in Bad Goisern was founded in 1991 by the Upper Austrian District Government. The music school education system in Upper Austria is organized by the state, and it is one of the best music school systems in Europe. The Music School of Bad Goisern was replaced by a new building in 2009. The building provides many facilities and is home to the headquarter of the Austrian Music Education.

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Masterclasses in Austria

The AME-Masterclasses are located amidst the gorgeous mountains and lake regions of the Salzkammergut, about 60 km away from the festival city Salzburg. In 1998 this region was commended as UNESCO Heritage site, not only for its unique natural landscape but also for its cultural tradition and importance.

Our curriculum

We want to help students to become passionate musicians with their own personality. We think that learning piano is not only about technical knowledge and hard practice. Responsible teaching gives students the opportunity to be an interpreter, a performer andartist to build a life long relationship with piano playing. The AME Book gives students and their teachers the opportunityandbasis to learn about famous European compositions in their cultural context. We present the historical, cultural and social background of every composer. By taking a look at the pictures (like period dress, historical architecture and stories of the time) printed in the book we want to inspire the aesthetic perception of our students to become artists. Following our approach to teaching, students will enthusisatically receive knowledge and motivation to interperate, compose and improvise music. 

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Attend our AME-Masterclasses & Camps and experience music and Austrian culture in one of the most beautiful regions of Austria.

Mozart Improvisation

AME-teacher and composer Yvonne Brugger performing an own composition called "Ballade for Mozart". This piece is also covered in the AME-Bronze Level Book.